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Acudetoxification adopts the National Acupuncture Detoxicification Association (NADA) protocol. NADA is an educational, non-profit organization supporting education and training in specific auricular acupuncture. It was originally adopted for addictions and still widely and successfully used for comprehensive addictions and behavioural health treatment programmes to relieve suffering detoxicification, prevent relapse and support recovery. However, its success was extended to so many other conditions that it is now widely used for many physical and mental ailments.
Acudetox has also proved beneficial in many aspects of well-being, such as treating stress, depression, anxiety and shock.

Specific treatment is administered for the following:

    • Bipolar disorder: Needling and magnet ball used, while on a prescribed medical programme from their doctor
    • ADHD: A month course (once every week). Magnetic ball used instead of needling. However, one 5 point acudetox is advisable but not necessary. Diet is also important. This is a non-invasive technique. NO needles.
    • Pain management: Needling used and should at least twice a week. Pain is reduced by 60-70%. Effective with sciatica
    • Weight loss: At least 9 treatments required depending on the person. However, treatment must coincide with an eating plan and exercise programme.
    • Smoking Cessation: Using a special needle on the lung point together with magnets. It’s a 90 minute, once off treatment
    • Assists as part of cancer treatment regimen Treatments needs to be aggressive together with alkaline based diet.