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Positive Psychology

Adults:  Acudetox highly recommended for any stressful conditions, all types of addiction, pain management, mental and physical conditions.

Coaching therapy will tackle general life challenges; coping strategies with day-today stresses; career advice; relationships; family roles. Specific coaching can be accomplished for health and wellness; the aging process; relationship coaching, depression, family systems; and trauma and bereavement coaching.

Young Adults (Grade 7-12): Acudetox treatments specially to tackle ADHD, stress and other mental and physical conditions.

Using psychological life coaching and logotherapeutic (PLCL) techniques specifically with teenagers will not only assist in the transition from child to young adult in a holistic manner, but will also provide the foundation for finding oneself and committing to achieving goals and dreams. The transition from Grade 7 (primary) to Grade 8 (high school) can impact directly on the rest of high school years. Grade 7-12 will particularly benefit from this type of therapy. The therapeutic exercises and coaching strategies I propose during a 12 week period (consisting of one 55 minute session per week) will assist your child in visualizing their life dreams and start on a quest of organisation of their short-term and long-term goals in order to achieve these dreams ( or individual sessions can be booked). Follow up sessions for maintenance, guidance and problem-solving will be available thereafter.

The basic areas of exploration will cover

  • Life goals/meaning/ management
  • Values
  • Self esteem/emotions
  • Relationships/emotional intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Courage (facing your fears)
  • Procrastination elimination
  • Building and maintaining successful daily habits
  • Commitment.

In addition this coaching therapy will cover subject choice and career choice, by helping the student explore the various options available to them as well as choice of a career path that they will be holistically fulfilled in.
The abovementioned themes will be used as a basic guideline to therapy, however, the course of therapy will be tailor-made to accommodate and accentuate individuality and diversity of each student.

Children (Under 12 years): ACUDETOX non-invasive treatment for ADHD.
Please contact us directly to discuss possible therapy based on your child’s individual needs.